Apprenticeships in the Grow Digital Cornwall project

Apprenticeships for your business

What can an apprentice do for you?

A digital apprentice can embed advanced digital skills into your company. As they receive the training for Digital Marketer, a major part of their role is to help you improve and expand your organisation's marketing online, whether your aim is increasing brand loyalty, generating sales, increasing footfall or trading online, the apprentice is there to help towards this aim.

However, we are well aware, as will be the apprentices, that businesses can need help in other ways too. An apprentice does not have to have a role limited to digital marketing, and varied responsibilities can be included in the role so long as the apprentice is able to develop and work on the business's digital marketing alongside their other responsibilities.

Who do you want as an apprentice?

For apprenticeships, you can nominate someone from your existing team. If not, you may wish to recruit. There is no age restriction for apprenticeships other than being over the age of 16.

You may request qualifications and experience as part of the criteria for the apprenticeship, depending on what is relevant to your workplace.

If you are recruiting someone new, you may want to consider the salary that your organisation can afford.

How long is the apprenticeship?

The Digital Marketer apprenticeship is typically 12 months of learning with up to 6 months afterwards to pass the final assements. You should expect to employ an apprentice for up to 18 months. In special circumstances, it can be delivered within 12 months.

How often will the apprentice be in the classroom?

The most successful apprenticeships are structured around the needs of the workplace to suit your business. Over the training period, the apprentice may spend up to 30 days in the classroom, working out at approximately 2 days per month. However, please feel free to contact us to discuss training commitments that work for your organis  ation.

What is the cost?

The cost of the training is greatly subsidised. Employers contribute 5% of the cost and the rest is funded. For Digital Marketer Apprenticeships, the total value of the training is £11,000. The employer makes a one-off contribution of £550.00 at the start of the apprenticeship. However, there are options for exemption from this contribution if your business employs less than 50 people.

The employer pays the salary of the apprentice including the hours that the apprentice is in training. The cost of the salary for the apprentice has several minimum wage standards, depending on their age. If the apprentice is employed for less than 30 hours per week, this does extend the length of the apprenticeship.

Age From 1 April 2018 (current) rate per hour
25 and over (National Living Wage) £7.83
21 and over £7.38
18-20 £5.90
Under 18 £4.20
Apprentice (all apprentices under age 19 AND any apprentice, regardless of age, in first year of apprenticeship) £3.70

Exemptions from 10% contribution

If an employer with less than 50 staff employs a 16 to 18-year-old apprentice, they are exempt from the £550 contribution to training and only need to pay the salary.
The government will fund all of the apprenticeship training costs, up to the maximum value of the funding band for the apprenticeship, for employers employing fewer than 50 people if, on the first day of their apprenticeship, the apprentice is:

  1. Aged between 16 and 18 years old (or 15 years old if the apprentice's 16th birthday is between the last Friday of June and 31 August); or
  2. Aged between 19 and 24 years old and has either an EHC plan provided by their local authority; or
  3. Has been in the care of their local authority as defined in guidelines (specific criteria applies)

Advantages of an apprentice

  • An affordable way to expand your team
  • Successful Digital Marketing will generate additional revenue for your business
  • Entrench £11,000 worth of digital training into your business 90% or more funded
  • You can nominate an existing staff member or bring new talent to your organisation
  • Apprentices can hold a variety of responsibilities, not just the ones they are training for

Commitments of the business

Apprentices can enrich and benefit your business with the skills they bring. Apprentices can become a long-lasting team member, remaining long after the apprenticeship is over. Some businesses prefer to develop a model of ongoing apprenticeships in their business to keep new ideas and talent coming into the organisation.
Either way, the main advice that we give is that you will get the best return from the apprenticeship if the business supports the learning of the apprentice by ensuring the apprentice can attend training and is able to develop their skills at your business.

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