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Frequently Asked questions for Apprentices

Why choose a digital apprenticeship?

A digital apprenticeship will give you relevant, work-based skills for a wide range of businesses. The digital marketer apprenticeship could give you the in-demand skills that most businesses need to survive the modern workplace, or the software developer apprenticeship could set you up to develop new software at an exciting tech company.
A digital apprenticeship is a way to earn while you learn, avoid student debt and receive thousands of pounds worth of training whilst you stay up to date with the real working world.

Can I join an apprenticeship for the job I already do?

You can become an apprentice at any time in your career, and it can be a great way to add valuable skills to the role that you already do.

Am I too old or young to do an apprenticeship?

So long as you are older than the age of 16, there is no age restriction for apprenticeships. You can become an apprentice right after school or at any other time in your career, and it can even be a great way to entrench valuable skills into the role that you do now.

If I have a degree, can I do a digital apprenticeship?

Having a degree can impact on your eligibility to do an apprenticeship. If you have only partially completed a degree, or have left a degree before your final assessment, you are likely to still be eligible for an apprenticeship. However, it is best to get in touch with the Digital Peninsula Network apprenticeship team to discuss your eligibility.

What is the software developer apprenticeship?

The software developer apprenticeship is ideal for someone who is interested in a career that includes coding and developing software. If you want to get started in the growing tech and software industry in Cornwall, this is the apprenticeship for you.
Please contact us if you are interested in this apprenticeship.

Why choose an apprenticeship through Grow Digital Cornwall?

An apprenticeship through Grow Digital Cornwall will be delivered by Digital Peninsula Network or Truro and Penwith College who are collaborating to develop new ways of delivering digital apprenticeships that are bang up to date with both the skills businesses need, and the digital world. We will be trialling new delivery and supporting you through the standards to give you the best chance of having the qualifications and the right skills.
Whether you want the skills to be in-demand with Cornish businesses or want to specialise in tech and digital services, we can help you start or further your career by placing you in the right business whilst you obtain your qualifications.

What is the Digital Marketer Apprenticeship?

The Digital Marketer apprenticeship will give you a versatile set of skills that you can use in almost any business to help them thrive. You may want to make digital marketing your main role. The apprenticeship includes principles of marketing, as well as training to use a whole host of online platforms, social media and design software.
Digital Marketer Apprenticeship information