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#WDYT Launched in Penzance

Penzance’s businesses and customers have recently launched the #WDYT campaign which aims to help high streets and businesses increase their footfall through digital activity. The campaign works by amplifying the message of businesses that join on their influencial social platforms as well as giving businesses daily tips and ideas, online resources and even face-to-face coaching. Sign up here.

Whilst helping businesses to gain more followers and interactions which turn into footfall and sales, the campaign also brings up the whole area's digital presence.

At the point of launching, Penzance ranked 96th place in the Digital Influence Index out of 1,314 UK towns and cities, which isn't bad. However, since launching #WDYT, the town has already risen from 96 to 75 in the Digital Influence Index rankings, with even more retailers signing up and getting involved.

Learning digital skills with Grow Digital Cornwall

The Digital Influence Index ranks towns and cities in the UK, taking into account audience size, message volume and engagement. It measures daily activity that occurs across social media networks from a total of 150,000 high street business locations across the UK. The updated and improved Digital Influence Index now includes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram data.

#WDYT is all about sharing the great things on offer via social media. It helps retailers reach more people to showcase the wonderful things they sell and maximising both the town's and individual retailer's digital influence.

Since launch, some businesses have had great success, including No.36 in Penzance who gained a huge 9250% increase in Twitter followers using #WDYT.

Try it out for yourself and see how your business can benefit.